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Neuroscience- based Corporate TRainingS

Cognitive Skills for Success in a Changing Economy
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My name is Anastasiia. I have lived in the Middle East, Europe, and at least across five states in the U.S.A. I am fluent in 6 languages and keen on experiencing new cultures.

For the past 6 years Washington D.C., had been my playground, where I worked on eight-figure deals, attended galas with Ambassadors, Ministers and run a personal calendar for a Princess. Nonetheless, I felt something was missing, although, on paper, everything seemed figurable.

Thus, I embarked on a journey to figure out the "why" behind my actions, choices, desires. Hence, I became a Harvard certified Human Behavioral expert with over 10 years of Middle East geopolitical consulting experience.

What I have learned is that humans' "why" are consistent across the globe. However, their fulfillment and replication are culture-dependant. That's where I come in because I know how to depict the differences and turn them into your advantages.

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