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Cross Cultural Connection was founded by Anastasiia Stoiatska in 2017. 

Anastasiia Stoiatska is an internationally renowned expert in the fields of cross-cultural communications, leadership development and international business advising, specializing in localizing businesses for the GCC market
Anastasiia brings nearly 15 years of experience in strategic advising, having served as an advisor to the Ambassador of Oman to Washington D.C., U.S. Senators, Al Waleed Bin Talal Foundation members, and other dignitaries throughout the GCC and the U.S. 
With a degree in Behavioral Science from Harvard University, Anastasiia helps professionals communicate across cultures and develop effective leadership skills through non-verbal communication tactics. Her thought-leadership articles have earned multiple features in some of the region's top publications, such as Arab News and Harvard Business Review Arabia. Additionally, her highly sought after expertise in the field of provocative therapy often shines in her one-on-one consultations. Anastasiia is also a member of APA (American Psychological Association)
Anastasiia currently calls both Dubai and Washington D.C. home and speaks six languages fluently, including Arabic

  • Our local partners: 

    Abdulmuttalib (Talib) Hashim is a Dubai born entrepreneur and is an expert in his field of understanding the local business landscape and providing Emiratization services for businesses looking to succeed in the GCC region. He has dedicated the last 15 years of his life helping organizations access local opportunities and align with culture within the GCC. 


5 Reasons Decision-Makers Choose Us:


Our clients benefit from our Founder's top notch research-based Harvard training, which combines neuroscience competences with business acumen.

Culturally Savvy

Don't read a book to learn about culture. Train with us and gain a broader, more practical understanding of how culture factors into your business, management, and daily life. 
*Spoiler: it's much broader than you thought. 

Practical Tools

Practice makes perfect! Unless you are a neuroscientist, no one really cares about amygdala and its function during stress.  
We advocate for less theory and more practice during our corporate trainings. 

Short Format

If you can't implement what you learned right away- what is the point? 
We are proponents of short-format workshops, because no one has time to learn what they will not use right away.

Bespoke Approach& One-on-One Follow up

We tailor our training to achieve your learning objectives.
We follow up after via one-on-one consultations, because we all learn differently.

Services:Trainings can be delivered both in-person and virtually 


Biology of Happiness™ Keynote

Are you struggling to find work-life balance?
This 2-hour workshop will help you debunk the myths around work-life balance and show you how to achieve it using cognitive behavioral strategies.
After attending this workshop, you will be able to extract positive outcomes in your professional and personal life, and optimize your work-life balance.
Register for the Biology of Happiness Keynote today.
*A great introductory service for career development days or simply when your team needs a mental break to-refocus. 


Effective Communication Masterclass

Communication always happens on listener's terms! So how do you communicate more effectively? 
This 5-day Masterclass is for you if you want to be able to communicate better with your colleagues, employees, and clients. You want to learn how to read people and understand what they're really saying. You want to be able to overcome cultural barriers and be heard. Additionally, you will learn how to give feedback, criticism, persuade, negotiate. 


Modern Day Leadership Workshop

You tried to follow the latest trends, read all books that ‘might' help you become a better leader and hired an expensive leadership coach, but still doesn't seem like you are heading in the right direction.
Even worse – your team is less efficient than before and you feel like a failure.
This 2 full-days thought-provoking and highly interactive workshop will help you recognize future-proof integral qualities you need to develop for a personalized strategy for career leadership development, in a new post-pandemic world. You will learn how to communicate with your team effectively, both in- person and virtually, delegate tasks and overcome burn-out
Embark on your Modern Day Leadership journey today! 


The Buying Brain Workshop/ Consumer Psychology for GCC Market

Did you know that Behavioral Insights can help companies outperform competitors by 85 % in sales growth?
At Cross Cultural Connection, we understand the ins and outs of consumer behavior marketing within the GCC market. Our team has conducted research and gained experience working in this dynamic market. Through careful analytics and audience segmentation, we provide clients with marketing solutions that engage and resonate with their audiences. We deliver actionable insights for our clients through a bespoken 2-day workshop so they can successfully execute campaigns and bring meaningful results. 


The Art of Face Reading Service

When it comes to business, appearance plays a big role in creating first impressions. But what are the rules for building strong relationships using the art of physiognomy?
Physiognomy (from the Greek φύσις, 'physis', meaning "nature", and 'gnomon', meaning "interpreter") is the science of assessing someone's character traits or personality from their outer appearance—especially the face. 
The art of translating the physical features of another person into your arsenal will help you communicate confidently and win any negotiations. 
Anastasiia can shadow you during your meeting or negotiation, or provide personalized analysis via a private consultation. 


Localization Business Advisory

You want to expand your business to Dubai or even the whole GCC region. But you do not know how best to localize your message and what are the different funding options available for you.
For many new and existing businesses there are a lot of unknowns when entering the Dubai market. Who do I partner with? What do I need to get approved? What's my marketing strategy for local markets?
Our Localization Advisory Service will help you find answers to these questions among many others from experts who have a strong understanding of the region and its culture. You will also have access to our network of investors and government contacts – something all too often overlooked by companies who fail in their quest for success here.


Behavioral Science & Nudging

Governments and companies may use behavioral science interventions and nudging when they want to influence people's behavior in a particular way without relying on mandates, incentives, or penalties.
Nudging refers to the use of subtle cues or prompts that encourage people to make certain choices or take certain actions without limiting their freedom of choice.Here are some examples of when governments and companies might use behavioral science interventions and nudging. Example:
Improving public health: Governments may use nudging techniques to encourage people to adopt healthier behaviors, such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, or getting vaccinated. For example, they might use signage or other prompts to encourage people to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or to choose healthier food options.
Requires 6 months commitment and organizations with 1000 + employees.

Our clients


What our clients say about us:

Read the success stories of our attendees to find out why they chose us.

Olga Karsch

Homeland Security, USA

“Anastasiia's structured approach to cross-cultural communication skills is unparalleled. Definitely highly recommend to take the masterclass if you are a part of diverse multicultural team or moving abroad”

Salman Al-Ansari

Saudi Entrepreneur

"The audience engagement made it fruitful and beneficial. Effective Communication Masterclass It got me to a whole other level in the way I communicate with my team and event my family"


Dubai Women Business Council

"Great scientific explanation of happiness and self-esteem. Anastasiia was quite inspirational"

Lee Young

Ernst & Young, Singapore 

“Anastasiia attended negotiations with me in Dubai. Not only she gave me insider's cultural tips on how to conduct business in Dubai, but also literally saved me time and money by "reading" the room. Her knowledge of Physiognomy helped me negotiate”


JP Morgan, Dubai

“Big chunk of my work includes networking and winning and dining my clients. Anastasiia helped me improve my communication skills to build and sustain long-term meaningful, connections, which helped expand my clients network a lot”

Mr. M Al Shamsi


“Anastasiia is a fellow Harvard alumni, so when I attended her Modern Day Leadership Training, I knew I was in for a treat. But she superseeded my expectations. Not only the training provided practical tips on how to manage remote teams etc., but it also left me thinking about a bigger picture I want to achieve as a community leader .”

Lubna Al Hamdan

Dubai Chamber

“It's hard to juggle motherhood, sisterhood, full-time job and marriage. But after attending a very informative "Biology of Happiness" workshop I had some of the major work-life balance questions answered. Wish we could have a series of events like this, not just a single workshop”

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